Credit Card Payments

Credit card transactions form the majority of payment transactions in the eCommerce space. The card details typically include payer name, card number, card expiry, and card security code.

During the payment process, the merchant application collects the card details, which are verified by the Mastercard Payment Gateway. Based on the card number, the Mastercard Payment Gateway identifies the card scheme and validates both the card number and the CSC. The payment does not proceed to the acquiring bank if the validation fails. For example, the Mastercard Payment Gateway validates the CSC for the format. On Visa and Mastercard credit cards, the CSC is the three-digit value printed on the signature panel on the back.

For American Express, the number is the 4-digit value printed on the front above the credit card account number.

To get a list of card schemes supported on the Mastercard Payment Gateway, see Supported Card Schemes [NVP][REST].

To identify whether the card used to make the payment is a credit, debit, or a charge card, check the funding method (sourceOfFunds.provided.card.fundingMethod ) returned in the Retrieve Transaction response. For information on how you can use card type details to support surcharging decisions, see the FAQ section in the Surcharging page.

Card Details API Reference [REST][NVP]

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