Plan Amex

Plan Amex, also known as Deferred Payment Plan (DPP), is a payment plan offered by American Express in some countries. With Plan Amex, the merchant is paid in full less applicable discount rate; and the payer is billed in installments plus the applicable interest rate. This plan does not require merchant participation as the merchant receives full payment at the time of purchase.

The maximum number of installments available to the merchant is set as part of merchant configuration by the MSO.

The plan identifier (planId) for Plan Amex is PLANAMEX.

Payment Plans API Reference [REST][NVP]

Payment Terms

Plan Amex transactions, specifically in Brazil, are performed as an initial inquiry on payment terms followed by an authorization. This is to satisfy legal requirements where it's mandatory for the merchant to provide information about the payment terms before proceeding with the transaction. The payment terms include:

  • The number of payments for the payment interaction.
  • The amount of each payment.
  • The interest rate applicable for these payment terms.
  • The total amount of interest payable.
  • The total amount payable including interest.

The basic process flow for using Plan Amex is illustrated below.

Plan Amex Inquiry

The steps in the process flow are as follows:

  1. The payer opts to use a Plan Amex, and indicates the number of payments he/she wishes to make.
  2. The merchant sends a payment terms inquiry request to the Mastercard Payment Gateway indicating the number of payments, and other transaction details (credit card details, amount, currency).
  3. Mastercard Payment Gateway sends a payment terms inquiry request to the American Express acquirer.
  4. The American Express acquirer calculates the payment amount for the requested installment months and returns the payment terms to Mastercard Payment Gateway.
  5. Mastercard Payment Gateway returns details of the payment terms to the merchant in the payment terms inquiry response.
  6. The merchant informs payer of the payment terms.
  7. The payer accepts the payment terms.
  8. The merchant sends an Authorize or Pay request, indicating selected number of payments.
  9. Mastercard Payment Gateway sends an Authorize request for the full transaction amount to the acquirer. The final amount (purchase amount plus interest), interest rate for the plan, and payment amount for each installment are returned in the response.

Plan Offers Inquiry API Reference[REST][NVP]

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