Redecard is a payment plan which allows you to enter installment information on transactions processed by the Redecard acquirer. Merchants can only submit Redecard payment plans processing in Brazil for transactions in Brazilian reals currency and on cards issued in Brazil.

The number of payments and a minimum transaction amount of 5.00 BRL is required when selecting the Redecard plan type.

Payment Plan Inquiry

You can request the gateway for a list of valid plans for a transaction using the Payment Options Inquiry operation. The following details about the supported payment plans are returned:

  • paymentTypes.card.paymentPlans[n].numberOfDeferrals[n]
  • paymentTypes.card.paymentPlans[n].numberOfPayments[n]
  • paymentTypes.card.paymentPlans[n].payerInterest
  • paymentTypes.card.paymentPlans[n].planId
The plan identifier (planId) for Redecard is REDECARD.
From version 70 onwards, for the payment plan product Redecard, available payment plan offers are returned. Each payment plan offer has a unique offer ID.
  • paymentPlanProduct.{paymentPlanProductId}
  • paymentPlanProduct.{paymentPlanProductId}.name
  • paymentPlanProduct.{paymentPlanProductId}.logoUrl
  • paymentTypes.card.paymentPlanOffer.{id}
  • paymentTypes.card.paymentPlanOffer{id}.paymentPlanProductId
  • paymentTypes.card.paymentPlanOffer.{id}.currency
  • paymentTypes.card.paymentPlanOffer.{id}.numberofPayments
  • paymentTypes.card.paymentPlanOffer.{id}.subsequentPaymentAmount
  • paymentTypes.card.paymentPlanOffer.{id}.firstPaymentAmount
  • paymentTypes.card.paymentPlanOffer.{id}.deferralPeriod
  • paymentTypes.card.paymentPlanOffer.{id}.interest.charged

Payment Options Inquiry API Reference [REST][NVP]

Submit a transaction with the Payment Plan

To submit a transaction with the payment plan selected by the payer, provide the following fields in an Authorize/Pay or Update Session request:

  • paymentPlan.numberOfDeferrals
  • paymentPlan.numberOfPayments
  • paymentPlan.planId
From the version 70 onwards, provide paymentPlan.offerID field with the offer ID in the Payment Options Inquiry response.

The gateway processes a payment plan only if the following conditions are met:

  • The order currency is supported on the payment plan,
  • The card type is supported on the payment plan.

Payment Plans API Reference [REST][NVP]

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