Retrieve the Batch Status

Once a batch is submitted you can periodically request a batch status to determine the current state of the batch processing including a count of the total uploaded, processed, and erred operations as well as time and date stamps on processing actions. The same batch status is also visible to MSOs via the Batch Status Search screen in Merchant Manager.

Batch Status Request

You can request a batch status on demand by sending a HTTPS GET request to:<versionNum>/merchant/<merchantId>/batch/<batchName>/status


  • <versionNum> is the version of Batch
  • <merchantId> is your Merchant identifier
  • <batchName> is your unique name for the batch

Batch Status Response

The response body will contain a summary of processing in csv format with one header row and a detail row.

A sample batch status summary file in csv format showing batch status as "COMPLETE".


The following table describes the information returned in the batch response file.

merchantId The merchant’s unique alphanumeric identifier. There is a unique Merchant ID for each merchant account/profile.
batchName The batch file name used during initial upload.
totalRecords The total number of operations in the batch.
uploadCompleted The time and date uploading of all records was completed.

The current batch processing status. Valid values are:

  • Uploading — the batch is in the process of being uploaded.
  • Uploaded — the batch is successfullly uploaded.
  • Ready — the batch is ready for processing.
  • Processing — the batch processing has commenced.
  • Complete — the batch processing is complete.
processed The total count of records processed.
errors The total count of records which have timed out or could not be processed due to system errors.
lastAction Time and date of the last action on the batch.
processingCompleted The time and date when the batch processing completes and all records are in their final state.

The next step is processing the batch response.

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