Supported Features

The Mastercard Payment Gateway offers a host of additional features that range from transaction security to supporting industry data in transactions.

To help you quickly navigate to the feature(s) suited for your business, they have been broadly categorized as follows:

Payment Security and Fraud Prevention

These features allow you process payments securely. They simplify fraud monitoring and detection, allowing you to focus on your core business while combating the most common types of fraud.

Payment Operations

If you are integrated to the gateway via API, you can use API operations to process transactions, retrieve transaction details, store card details, etc. To check which operations are available to you, contact your payment service provider.

Payment Methods

The Mastercard Payment Gateway enables you to offer flexible payment methods to your payers.

Payment Options

Enables you to offer flexible payment options to your payers.

Supplementary Data

Enables you to pass additional data related to the order in transactions.


Allows you to download transaction record data in a formatted report from the Mastercard Payment Gateway.

Other Features

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