Marketplace Support

The Mastercard Payment Gateway offers support for you to comply with the VISA mandate for marketplaces. According to the VISA mandate, a business entity is considered a marketplace if it runs a platform that brings together multiple buyers and retailers. This unique feature of the marketplace program allows a marketplace to handle sales from retailers located in different countries. The acquirers of a marketplace are required to identify transactions on a marketplace that are initiated by foreign retailers (where the retailer is in a different country than the marketplace).

If you are registered as a marketplace:

  • You cannot be a payment facilitator.
  • You own the transactions done by customers on your marketplace and are responsible to resolve any disputes or issues.
  • You are not required to provide sub-merchant details when you submit transactions to Mastercard Payment Gateway.


To be considered as a marketplace you must:

  • Register with VISA as a marketplace to get a VISA issued Marketplace ID.
  • Obtain the Merchant Category Code (MCC) of 5262 assigned by VISA.

Submitting API Transactions

When submitting a transaction as a marketplace, no additional details other than amount, card details, currency, and transaction source must be provided in the Authorize, Pay, Capture, Refund, and Verify operations.

Acquirers of marketplaces must identify foreign retailer transactions (where the retailer location is different than the marketplace location) done on the marketplace platform. If the merchant is a marketplace, the merchant must provide details of the location of the retailer for who they are submitting the transaction in the field, order.marketplace.retailerlocation.

The order.marketplace.retailerLocation field can take the following values:

  • DOMESTIC_ONLY: Indicates that the items are only from the domestic retailers.
  • FOREIGN_ONLY: Indicates that the items are only from the foreign retailers.
  • FOREIGN_AND_DOMESTIC: Indicates that the items are from both foreign and domestic retailers.

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