What is the Mastercard Payment Gateway API?

The Mastercard Payment Gateway API is a single point of access for merchants to the entire host of payment services on the Mastercard Payment Gateway.

Key Features:

  • Connects to a host of payment services on the Mastercard Payment Gateway including Risk Management, Tokenization, Hosted Session, 3-DSecure Authentication and much more.
  • Offers two functionally-equivalent interfaces: REST-JSON (Representational State Transfer - JavaScript Object Notation), and NVP (Name Value Pair). For more information, see What are the Supported Protocols.
  • Offers enhanced gateway security through two modes of authentication - passwords and SSL certificates. The merchant can connect to the the Mastercard Payment Gateway only if the authentication is successful.
  • Allows all operations and transaction commands supported on the Mastercard Payment Gateway. See the Mastercard Payment Gateway Operations [REST][NVP].
  • Provides transaction retry capabilities where if merchants resubmit a transaction then the server determines if the transaction is yet to be processed or return the response for the transaction if previously processed.
  • Provides versioning to allow merchants to smoothly upgrade to the newer version without breaking the previous integration. See API versions [REST][NVP].
  • Provides comprehensive integration guidelines and API reference, including sample code in C#, PHP, and Java.

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