BLIK Payments

BLIK is a payment method in Poland that allows payers to make instant payments through the standard mobile banking application.

It is a local payment method for e-commerce sites in Poland. It is a unique model of cooperation between you, banks, and payment acquirers.

Payers enter their BLIK code to authenticate themselves in the BLIK system. Once payers get the unique six-digit code from their banking application, they enter it on the checkout page. This links the transaction to the correct banking application. The BLIK code expires in 120 seconds. After payers select Pay, BLIK sends a push notification to their banking application. Payers must authorize the payment on their banking application within 55 seconds to complete the payment.

It is recommended that you read the integration guidelines for browser payments before building the BLIK integration.


To offer the BLIK payment method through the Mastercard Payment Gateway,

  • you must be registered with your browser payments service provider
  • your merchant profile on the Mastercard Payment Gateway must be configured using the details of your account with the browser payments service provider, and
  • you must have a bank account in one of the supported currencies registered against your merchant account at your browser payments service provider.

BLIK Integration

BLIK through Hosted Checkout

Hosted Checkout integration allows you to collect payment details from your payer through an interaction that the Mastercard Payment Gateway hosts and displays.

From the API version 65 onward, BLIK is automatically available as a payment method once your payment service provider enables and configures you for this payment method.

For details, see Browser Payments via Hosted Checkout Integration.

BLIK through Direct Payment

Direct Payment integration allows you to offer the BLIK payment method on your own checkout page.

BLIK is supported from the API version 64 onward.

In addition to the standard fields required in a browser payment request, provide the following fields in the Initiate Browser Payment request:

Common Fields

  • sourceOfFunds.type = BLIK
  • browserPayment.operation = PAY (BLIK does not support the Authorize operation)
  • = Email address of a payer
  • sourceOfFunds.provided.blik.bankAccountHolder: Name of the bank account holder for the payer's bank account

Preferred Language

You can set the language that you prefer BLIK to use for the pages that are displayed to the payer by providing the browserPayment.preferredLanguage field in the Initiate Browser Payment request. However, the language will be used only if BLIK supports it.

Sample Code to initiate BLIK Payment
    "apiOperation": "INITIATE_BROWSER_PAYMENT",
    "billing": {
        "address": {
            "country": "POL"
    "browserPayment": {
        "operation": "PAY",
        "returnUrl": "<your_merchant_URL>"
    "customer": {
        "email": ""
    "order": {
        "amount": 100,
        "currency": "PLN"
    "sourceOfFunds": {
        "type": "BLIK",
        "provided": {
            "blik": {
                "bankAccountHolder": "Test Tester"

How to Interpret the Transaction Result

The table specifies the transaction response codes for the possible scenarios that you may encounter after initiating the BLIK payment.

Initiate Browser Payment Response What This Means...
Redirect the payer using the URL provided in the response.
Retrieve Transaction/Retrieve Order Response What This Means...
The payment is successful.
The Mastercard Payment Gateway is waiting for a notification from the acquirer about the payment result. Try RETRIEVE_TRANSACTION again later or listen to notifications from the Mastercard Payment Gateway.
The payer has canceled the interaction for this payment. Offer the payer the option to try another payment method.
The payment was declined. Offer the payer the option to try another payment method. In case of an ACQUIRER_SYSTEM_ERROR, you may want to inquire with the acquirer about the reason for the payment failure, or you can try RETRIEVE_TRANSACTION again.
Treat this as a declined payment. The Mastercard Payment Gateway will make an attempt to ensure the transaction is not successful or will revert the transaction.


You can refund BLIK payments in installments or in full. Ensure that you are configured for refunds on the Mastercard Payment Gateway and on your merchant account at your browser payments service provider.

Testing Your Integration

The Mastercard Payment Gateway provides a browser payments emulator that allows you to test your BLIK integration.

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